Teacher Programs

Genesis Education whole-heartedly supports the noble profession of teaching. Every year on Teacher Day we organize lot of exciting activities for teachers in our partner schools. All our resources are available for teachers without any royalty, fees or licensing. Additionally, we offer the following three teacher training programs so they can know how to spend time with their students, and even if they like for their students to have fun, they can also get playground ideas for this from https://schoolplaygroundideas.co.uk/what-do-ofsted-want-to-see-in-your-school-playground/.

Making Math Exciting!

Math is a dreaded subject for many students across the world. In this workshop, we coach teachers on how to make Math interesting and exciting for their students. Using our Math Magic tricks they can find out when is a person birthday or how much money he has in his pocket without any disclosure! There is a math trick in which the teacher can get the perfect answer without looking at the question! Such exciting math magic tricks and games will be shared with teachers.

Financial Planning For Teachers

Since we deal with mathematics and numbers, a group of teacher once requested us to help them with their financial planning. While guiding them we realized that a vast number of teachers are scared of investments. They have very limited knowledge of banking, taxation and stock markets. We thus created a workshop called Financial Planning for Teachers where we teach the teachers how they can maximize return on their pension, provident and gratuity funds in a safe and risk free manner.

(This workshop is based on Indian laws and conducted only in India)

Teacher Training Workshops

We want to create a worldwide revolution in the way Mathematics is taught and learnt. For this, we need the support of hundreds and thousands of teachers. On our website www.freevedicmath.com you will find many downloadable resources that you can use. You will also find the links Become a Trainer and Start An Academy. If you are a math teacher and want to join in this noble cause, please fill the details and we will get in touch with you.