Student Programs

At Genesis, our mission is to train as many school students as we can. Currently we are conducting 12 to 14 seminars a month and each seminar is attended by anywhere between 300 to 1500 participants. All seminars are free and no amount is charged to the school or students.

Math Is Fun

Math is fun is our signature workshop. In this workshop students and teachers learn how math can be done in an easy and interesting manner. After attending this workshop, scores of students have improved their math quotient and performed exceedingly well in their math exams.

Memory Power

In Memory Power workshop, we teach students how to learn text-book answers, history dates, geography places, chemical equations, vocabulary words, foreign languages, etc. The workshop is filled with funny anecdotes, visualizations and a lot of creative thinking.

3D Learning

Genesis is perhaps the world first training institute to introduce 3D Learning in schools. In this workshop we give special 3D glasses to every participant in teach him Solar System, Nature, Human Anatomy, Geology and other topics in small 3D videos. The entire virtual animation leaves the students spell bound!

Stress-Free Studies

Due to increased competition and peer pressure, students generally face a lot of stress to perform well in their exams. This stress often leads to addiction, negativity and suicidal tendencies. In this workshop we teach students pro-active preparation, time management and paper presentation techniques. It’s a unique workshop which uses a lot of meditation and music!

Universal Brotherhood

Universal Brotherhood is not a workshop, it is actually an exhibit. In this exhibit, we use the school auditorium and set up over 70 specially designed banners, posters and charts. Various themes like Religious Tolerance, World Peace, addiction free living and environmental care are explained in these banners and charts. Each section of the school visits the exhibit in turns. Students are later asked to take a quiz (based on the exhibit) and winners are awarded prizes as encouragement. At Genesis we believe that since we have an access to so many students all over the world, we must use our network to mould the fresh and young minds so that they become able citizens and contribute to humanity!