I have published many educational books and CDs. These products give me royalty and I have decided that every year I will share a substantial percentage of my royalty towards paying for the education of financially challenged students.

Our scriptures tell us that what the right hand gives, the left hand should not come to know. Therefore, I like to keep these contributions anonymous. I do not know (and do not wish to know) who are the ultimate beneficiaries of this act. I simply handover the money to the school fund and the trust decides who are the deserving students who will receive it.

Dhaval Bathia

Please note that we contribute only to recognized schools trusts and only against a proper receipt. If you are a Principal/Trustee and know of a genuinely deserving bright student in your school then kindly please write to us on

Proper acknowledgment (with name of trust, date, amount and signature) is a must. See samples below